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Welcome to Roxby Farms!

Roxby Farms has been a leading grower and hemp brand creator for more than five years. After working through the struggles of the hemp farmer and the barriers to market, we decided to open our E-com platform to a select group. Our goal is to provide a space for hemp businesses and breakdown the bearers of banking, advertising and all other struggles the hemp market brings. The Roxby Market  acts as a Market Place which allows you to set your own pricing, build your brand and maximize your efforts and profits. All you need to do is post you products and then fulfill orders!

We are looking for the very best in hemp products. Handmade products, Fresh ideas, and exiting new strains of hemp flower is what Roxby Farms Is all about.  Vendors must meet quality standard to be listed on the Market. A sample of your goods will be Juried to make sure it's a good fit.  


By using the Roxby Farms Market you accept the Terms:

Vendor Program Outline (Dropshipping) 
Commission Type: Percent of Sale

Commission: Vendor receive 75% on product sales associated with your Vendor Accounts product Listed price. Roxby Farms receives 25% commission on Vendor Accounts product Listed price. All cost such merchant accounts, such credit card fees, advertising, shipping costs, costumer service,
Payment Method: Monthly Check (US Only) or Bank Transfer or 1099 contractor via Square(NO PayPal or Strip Transactions)
Check Payment Threshold: $100
Bank Transfer Threshold: $200
Payout Period: 30 - 45 days after the minimum threshold is met.
Fulfillment: All products must be mailed no later Than 48hrs after purchase.
Shipment Standards: Any shipments must be wrapped nicely and provide ample cushion for product to arrive safe to the costumer. With Items such a flower you will need to place such items in a smell proof bag in addition to the branded container before shipping. Current COA's must accompany the products. Any seized materials will be replaced to the costumer free of charge.
  • Shipping and Handling: Vendors will have access to shipstaion and will be assigned to their order account. Once received in shipstaion the vendor must ship the package in 24 hrs form the order date. Roxby farms funds shipstaion from the costumers shipping and handling fees.  
At Will Contract: Each party can stop this contract at anytime given 30 day WRITTEN notification of termination.
Listing Prices: Roxby Farms is a direct to retail market and dose not allow Wholesaling. Pricing must stay at a competitive rate for similar products found in the open markets.  Final pricing of products will be at Roxby farms discretion. Vendors allow Roxby farms to discount the vendors listing products of no more than 15% with out written permission from the vendor. 
  • Payment Terms: Vendor must provide Roxby Farms LLC with an invoice once the threshold for their preferred payment has reached the minimum. Completion of an IRS W9 is required before we can pay out your commission. Idle inactive accounts MAY be suspended. Inappropriate use of links will result in immediate removal of your participation in the program. Terms and conditions may change with or without notice. The commission is paid out every 30 to 45 days. Sooner by special request, but no less than 10 days after the sale. By signing up or participating in this program, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth herein. Thank you for your support.
  • Vendors: Are Contracted and are not apart of Roxby Farms LLC any legal matters that arise from a vendors product will be the sole issue of the Vendor.  All vendor agrees that all products listed on are federally compliant and the vender has the right to sale them. The vendor is not allowed to resale other farms materials at this time.
  • Photography and Marketing: All images and marketing must meet Roxby farms standard with a profession feel.Each product must have an image to be accepted.  Roxby farms reserves the right to delete images and products that do not meet standard. Proper clarifications, product descriptions, weights and all other aspects of the product must be correct and true (weights, colors, etc). Each item for sale must have a COA and be under the Federal limits of THC. Any doctoring, misleading or forging of any documents will result in you account being terminated. 
  • Packaging: if needed Roxby Farms can help with photography, packaging, logo design and other needed items for an additional fee.





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