Lucky Elk

Since 2011, the Lucky Elk farm has offered a diversity of organic vegetables, fruit, meat, and medicinal herbs to the local community of Southern Oregon. But the farm’s roots can be traced across the country, beginning over a decade ago when Lucky Elk founder, Tucker Pyne, spent time on a small homestead in the Appalachian mountains of Virginia. There, Tucker discovered how sustainable farming has the power to regenerate land, people, and community. Inspired by the regenerative powers of CBD, the farm at Lucky Elk now grows several acres of the region’s best hemp using “old-fashioned” farming practices like composting, cover cropping, and rotational grazing. It’s not usually the easiest way, but after nearly a decade the results are hard to deny. The farmers at Lucky Elk are very excited to offer the farm’s premium products to an ever-growing community of customers and clients around the world.


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